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Sweet, Sweet Fiber

I’ve been a busy girl. Between finalizing and photographing the colourways for the Sweet Fiber website, hosting the Studio Sale in the etsy shop, working on the Sweet Fiber Summer of Socks Club and working extra hours at the yarn shop, May and June seems to have disappeared. I’m not sure where it’s gone and I’m not sure I want it back but man, do I have a lot to do!

Recently I began making lists and charts of the yarns and colourways  I’d like to have at both the Knit City and Stitches West shows. I have a specific number in mind regarding quantity and since I’ll be having fairly large booths at both shows I want to be sure I don’t run out. Having never done a show the size of Stitches West before I’m not sure what to expect or how much to prepare but I do know I want to represent Sweet Fiber Yarns to the best of my ability. This leaves me with approximately 40 days straight of extreme dyeing ahead of me.

Luckily stress is good for my knitting productivity. I’ve been busy working on some more Sweet Fiber samples.

First up is an adorable little lace vest by Aurore. I used about 1/3 of a skein of Sweet Merino Lite and it took just over a week of knitting. Though, it could be done in a few days if you were to work on it more often than I did.

Pattern: Louise by Aurore

Yarn: 1 skein of Sweet Merino Lite (used about 40 grams in total)

Colour: Envy

Needles: 3.5mm/4us

Ravelry: Project Page

Next up is one of my all time favourite patterns. I absolutely love wearing the Clapotis and always try to make one each summer for the following fall and winter. This time I made one out of the new Sweet Fiber Avery Sport. I like to make sure I have a bit of silk in the yarns I chose when making one as I find it really helps with both blocking and the final drape fo the scarf.


Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert

Yarn: 1.25 skeins of  Avery Sport (used about 115 grams in total)

Colour: Hippolyta

Needles: 3.5mm/4us

Ravelry: Project Page

Mods: Section 2 – increased 5 or 6 times. Section 3 – 17 repeats.

Final Size: 19″ x 72″

In June I also cast on Secrets of Change by Veera Välimäki with some  Heirloom in Envy (I can’t seem to get enough fo this colour!) So far it’s been a pretty quick knit though it is on hold right now while the weather is so nice. I’ve also been distracted by the possibilities of a few sweaters. But more on that later!


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