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Bláithín & Kate Davies

Fuchal Moebius

I’ve been smitten with the work of Kate Davies for a while now. Her gorgeous colourwork designs have me itching to cast on multiple projects – Fuchal Moebius, Hazelhurst and Sheep Heid to name a few.

When her latest design Bláithín was released I immediately wanted to start one for myself out of Sweet Fiber Cashmerino Worsted. After a week or so of colour considerations I finally decided on Abyss, a beautiful dark blue with hints of black, for the main body. The yoke will either be Vintage Lace, a warm cream colour, or Smoke, a light cloudy grey. I’m still undecided about the flowers though.. I’ll definitely have to swatch a couple different options first.


I’m about half way done the first sleeve and really love how the Abyss is knitting up. This is going to be perfect! I altered the cast on amount for the size I’m following since I have somewhat small wrists and like my sweaters to fit a bit closer in the arms. I also plan on making them longer, as well as lengthen the body portion for a more personalized fit.

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  1. caityrosey #

    I love this cardigan design too. I’m looking forward to seeing how creative people get with the color work in the yoke.

    May 9, 2012
  2. I love those colourways, the blue and white is particularly striking but I really want a cardy like that! Oh and to ride a bike too. :)

    May 9, 2012

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