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Works in Progress

The Spring semester has always gone by the quickest for me. It’s usually around this time that I start to panic, questioning the speed of time, my use of it and the need for more. Except this year I have the added bonus of it being my very last, quick, incredibly fast, uncatchable Spring semester. I’ll be graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Visual arts this coming May.

It was about this time, five years ago, when my acceptance letter to Emily Carr University arrived in the mail. It was a thick envelope, luckily, or it might have taken me a little longer to tear it open. The word around highschool was that thick meant yes and thin meant no and the theory held up, at least in my case.

Today my applications are a little bit different. They’re for fibre shows and soon, pattern publishing companies too. There are no thick or thin envelops, really. Just emails and PDFs and the refresh button. The planning, the nerves and the stress inducing anticipation of the reply is very much the same however. Today I received a reply to an application that I’ve had in the works for the past month and a half. Before applying I had to make sure it was actually doable, which I believe it is. And before I could doubt myself and change my mind I sent it in and have been eagerly awaiting word.

Had the reply come in the post it would have been a thick envelope. Really thick. I’m incredibly excited to announce that Sweet Fiber Yarns will be a vendor at the 2013 STITCHES West event in Santa Clara, California February 21-24. Hundreds of vendors make the trek each year to their booths at STITCHES West, but only a couple, if any, are from Canada. I’ll admit, it’s a long journey ahead of me, but the excitement of getting to meet many of my wonderful customers in person and share Sweet Fiber Yarns with new ones for the very first time definitely outweighs the challenges. I feel like I’m about to officially launch Sweet Fiber Yarns into the world of knitting and hand dyed yarns and I’m already counting down the days in anticipation. Won’t you join me?

In the meant time I have a lot of preparation to take care of, besides dyeing hundreds of skeins of yarn to take with me. Samples are a big one on my list. I’ve already had a head start with a pair of socks, or sock rather, I really have no plans for a second one. (I’d be too tempted to wear them!)

Ravelry Project Page: Spanish Rivercats

Pattern: River Cat by Brenda Patipa from Knitty Spring + Summer 2011

Yarn: 1 skein of Sweet Fiber Cashmerino Sock in Spanish Coin

I’m also going to start a regular “Work In Progress Wednesdays” segment here on my blog where I’ll post what’s on the needles, or the sewing machine, or whatever else I’m working on that week. The plan is to do it each week, or at least every couple of weeks until I graduate. I’ll also be posting more about my preparations for STITCHES West, so stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by, cheers!

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  1. Congrats on the booth!!

    March 21, 2012
  2. Debbie #

    Yeah what a great way to celebrate your degree! Very exited for you and who knows maybe a contingent of your Canadian fans can come down to get your autograph

    March 22, 2012
    • That would be pretty cool : )
      There’s already talk about closing the yarn shop because everyone I work with wants to come too!

      March 22, 2012

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